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Using comparable plant-level surveys we demonstrate significant differences between the determinants of export performance among UK and German manufacturing plants. Innovation, however, measured has a strong and systematic effect on the probability and propensity to export in both countries. The scale of plants' innovation activity is positively related to(More)
Innovation events the introduction of new products or processes represent the end of a process of knowledge sourcing and transformation. They also represent the beginning of a process of exploitation which may result in an improvement in the performance of the innovating business. This recursive process of knowledge sourcing, transformation and exploitation(More)
Recent developments in the new economic geography and the literature on regional innovation systems have emphasised the potentially important role of networking and the characteristics of firms’ local operating environment in shaping their innovative activity. Modelling UK, German and Irish plants’ investments in R&D, technology transfer and networking, and(More)
As procalcitonin concentrations have been shown to be elevated in patients with septicemia and gram-negative infections in particular, we proceeded to investigate the effect of endotoxin, a product of gram-negative bacteria, on procalcitonin concentrations in normal human volunteers. Endotoxin from Escherichia coli 0113:H10:k, was injected i.v. at a dose of(More)
All living cells need zinc ions to support cell growth. Zrt-, Irt-like proteins (ZIPs) represent a major route for entry of zinc ions into cells, but how ZIPs promote zinc uptake has been unclear. Here we report the molecular characterization of ZIPB from Bordetella bronchiseptica, the first ZIP homolog to be purified and functionally reconstituted into(More)
Electron microscopy of two-dimensional (2D) crystals has demonstrated potential for structure determination of membrane proteins. Technical limitations in large-scale crystallization screens have, however, prevented a major breakthrough in the routine application of this technology. Dialysis is generally used for detergent removal and reconstitution of the(More)
Electron crystallography relies on electron cryomicroscopy of two-dimensional (2D) crystals and is particularly well suited for studying the structure of membrane proteins in their native lipid bilayer environment. To obtain 2D crystals from purified membrane proteins, the detergent in a protein–lipid–detergent ternary mixture must be removed, generally by(More)
Working Papers are produced in order to bring the results of research in progress to a wider audience and to facilitate discussion. They will normally be published in a revised form subsequently and the agreement of the authors should be obtained before referring to its contents in other published works. Abstract In this paper we explore the factors which(More)
The dramatic GDP and export growth of the Republic of Ireland over the last decade forms a marked contrast with that of its nearest neighbour Northern Ireland. In the Republic of Ireland, export volume growth averaged 15.5 per cent pa from 1991-99 compared to 6.3 per cent from Northern Ireland. Using data on individual manufacturing plants throughout(More)
The School comprises more than 70 academic staff organised into thematic research groups along with a Doctoral Programme of more than 50 research students. Research is carried out in all of the major areas of business studies and a number of specialist fields. For further information contact: Aston Business School Research Papers are published by the(More)