James Linn

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With the maturity of network technology, the deterministic factor of a 'successful' web site does not as much depend on its connectivity to the Internet, rather the content of web pages plays a more important role. The inclusion of dynamic data, for example, has become an increasingly desirable feature of a web page. Web servers that support dynamic web(More)
The importance of social integration for the subjective well-being and predisposition toward professional counseling services of persons experiencing personal disruptions is explored among 1,423 northwest Wisconsin residents. Considerable support is found for the hypothesis that greater contact with close friends diminishes the effect of personal(More)
Introduction Across the Midwest, ethanol plants (primarily dry mill vs. wet mill process) are being planned and built and existing plant s expanded. Today over 98 percent of commercially produced ethanol is used to extend gasoline. The attributes of ethanol allow it to be utilized as an octane booster, replacing gasoline additives such as lead and benzene,(More)
This research examined gender differences with regard to the effects of social density and stressors upon depressive symptomatology among 600 Black elderly community residents (aged 55-85 years) of Nashville, Tennessee. The sample had more females than males and fewer married individuals. Approximately half of the males and females lived alone. Regression(More)
This analysis examined chronic medical problems as a risk factor for depressive symptomatology using longitudinal survey data from a sample of rural Tennesseans. Two waves of data (1977 and 1983) were collected on 532 rural Middle-Tennessee residents. An initial investigation found chronic medical problems a powerful predictor of depression. Furthermore,(More)
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