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OBJECTIVE To estimate the expected staff absentee rates and work attitudes in an Australian tertiary hospital workforce in two hypothetical scenarios: (i) a single admission of avian influenza; and (ii) multiple admissions of human pandemic influenza. METHODS A survey conducted at hospital staff meetings between May and August 2006. RESULTS Out of 570(More)
OBJECTIVE We explored the relationship between the National Emergency Access Target (NEAT) compliance rate, defined as the proportion of patients admitted or discharged from emergency departments (EDs) within 4 hours of presentation, and the risk-adjusted in-hospital mortality of patients admitted to hospital acutely from EDs. DESIGN, SETTING AND(More)
OBJECTIVE To describe the use of surveillance and forecasting models to predict and track epidemics (and, potentially, pandemics) of influenza. METHODS We collected 5 years of historical data (2005-2009) on emergency department presentations and hospital admissions for influenza-like illnesses (International Classification of Diseases [ICD-10-AM] coding)(More)