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The copper(II) complexes [Cu(H2Am4DH)Cl2] (1), [Cu(H2Am4Me)Cl2] (2), [Cu(H2Am4Et)Cl2] (3) and [Cu(2Am4Ph)Cl] (4) with 2-pyridineformamide thiosemicarbazone (H2Am4DH) and its N(4)-methyl (H2Am4Me),(More)
Zika virus (ZIKV), an emerging Flavivirus, was recently associated with severe neurological complications and congenital diseases. Therefore, development of antiviral agents capable of inhibiting(More)
The antimony(III) complexes [Sb(2Bz4DH)Cl(2)] (1), [Sb(H2Bz4M)Cl(3)] x 2 H(2)O (2) and [Sb(2Bz4Ph)Cl(2)] (3) were obtained with 2-benzoylpyridine thiosemicarbazone (H2Bz4DH) and its N(4)-methyl(More)