James Ledbetter

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The nominal Next Linear Collider (NLC) positron production design is based on extrapolation of the existing SLAC Linear Collider (SLC) positron production system. Given that the SLC positron production target failed during a run, it is necessary to analyze the beam-induced damage to the target in order to validate the extrapolations on which the NLC target(More)
This work was done to determine whether the jet filter can satisfactorily serve as a respirable sampler. Monodisperse polystyrene latex (PSL) spheres, crushed quartz particles, and hot-mix asphalt plant dust were used to calibrate the jet filter. The deposition characteristics for the sampler matched those specified by standards quite well for the PSL and(More)
A method of predetermining drainage wind velocities is derived in the form of an incremental velocity model. The model requires the topographical data and a general description of surface roughness. Using these fixed inputs with the model yields velocity factors. Velocity factors are determined as a function of height above the terrain and elapsed time(More)
This paper reviews documented environmental effects experience from the disposal of solid waste materials in the U.S. Selected case histories are discussed that illustrate waste migration and its actual or potential effects on human or environmental health. Principal conclusions resulting from this review were: solid waste materials do migrate beyond the(More)
Fog from cooling towers causes problems of visibility and icing along roadways adjacent to the towers; moreover, the visible plume from the towers offers difficulty in that it is equated by much of the public with air pollution. It is desirable to know the size of the fog droplets in order to plan abatement procedures and to determine the airborne lifetimes(More)