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Impact analysis ¿ determining the potential effects ofchanges on a software system ¿ plays an important rolein software engineering tasks such as maintenance, regressiontesting, and debugging. In previous work, two new dynamicimpact analysis techniques, CoverageImpact andPathImpact, were presented. These techniques performimpact analysis based on data(More)
The prevalence and the natural history of primary speech and language delays were two of four domains covered in a systematic review of the literature related to screening for speech and language delay carried out for the NHS in the UK. The structure and process of the full literature review is introduced and criteria for inclusion in the two domains are(More)
Study selection Study designs of evaluations included in the review For intervention: the studies had to detail the number of participants in each group and the nature, duration, span, and delivery of treatment, provide a comparison of preand postintervention speech and language measures, and fulfill one of three design criteria: experimental study with(More)
BACKGROUND It is thought that approximately 6% of children have speech and language difficulties of which the majority will not have any other significant developmental difficulties. Whilst most children's difficulties resolve, children whose difficulties persist into primary school may have long-term problems concerning literacy, socialisation, behaviour(More)
Many architects believe that major improvements in cost-energy-performance must now come from domain-specific hardware. This paper evaluates a custom ASIC---called a Tensor Processing Unit (TPU) --- deployed in datacenters since 2015 that accelerates the inference phase of neural networks (NN). The heart of the TPU is a 65,536 8-bit MAC matrix multiply unit(More)
BACKGROUND The term 'specific language impairment' (SLI), in use since the 1980s, describes children with language impairment whose cognitive skills are within normal limits where there is no identifiable reason for the language impairment. SLI is determined by applying exclusionary criteria, so that it is defined by what it is not rather than by what it(More)
A meta-analysis was carried out of interventions for children with primary developmental speech and language delays/disorders. The data were categorized depending on the control group used in the study (no treatment, general stimulation, or routine speech and language therapy) and were considered in terms of the effects of intervention on expressive and(More)