James Lake Poston

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INTRODUCTION Fossil fuels supply more than 98% of the world's energy needs. However, the combustion of fossil fuels is one of the major sources of the green house gas CO. It is necessary to develop 2 technologies that will allow us to utilize the fossil fuels while reducing the emissions of green house gases. Commercial CO capture technology that exists(More)
Energy Technology Laboratory (NETL) researchers, in collaboration with investigators from industry, academia, and other national laboratories. The Journal will also feature articles written by invited experts in various fields of energy and environmental studies. NETL's programs assist in providing the United States with acceptable, affordable, and(More)
Respirable-sized dust particles from a clay mine and mill were examined for aluminium and silicon content by scanning electron microscopy-energy dispersive X-ray analysis at incident electron energies of 5-20 keV. Most of the high silica content particles, those which had a silicon to silicon plus aluminium signal fraction, measured at 20 keV, of 0.9 or(More)
The following individuals read and discussed the thesis submitted by James Lake Poston, and they evaluated his presentation and response to questions during the final oral examination. They found that the student passed the final oral examination. DEDICATION I would like to dedicate this paper to my parents Dode and Marjean Poston. Their unwavering support(More)
Commercial lignin is a by-product of pulping and the emerging bio-refinery industries. Herein, we report the hydrothermal treatment (HTT) or conversion (HTC) of three commercial types of lignin to carbonaceous materials. HTC of lignin was carried out in an autoclave in the presence of water at temperature and pressure of approximately 300 °C and 1000 psi(More)
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