James Laffey

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This study explores the extent to which subjective norm beliefs of online learners shape perceptions of ease-of-use and usefulness for the use of course delivery systems. Subjective norm beliefs represent the influence that instructors, mentors, and peers have on students to use the course delivery system. The results show that instructor and mentor(More)
Introduction At one level, performance support can be described as the tools and resources we use to be successful. Performance support means our tools, our habits, our tricks-of-the-trade, our colleagues, our reference materials, our office environment: all the resources we rely upon and organize to help us become successful in our work. As an individual,(More)
A1 Identification of distinct endophenotypes in patients with acute respiratory distress syndrome by unbiased cluster analysis, and their association with mortality L. Bos, L. Schouten, L. van Vught, M. Wiewel, D. Ong, O. Cremer, A. Artigas, I. Martin-Loeches, A. Hoogendijk, T. van der Poll, J. Horn, N. Juffermans, M. Schultz Academic Medical Center,(More)
This paper addresses the role of casemix systems within the NSW public health system. In NSW, Areas and Regions are funded according to a casemix modified population-based funding formula (Resource Allocation Formula). The RAF is compared with case payment as a means of funding hospitals. It is argued that because of the current shortcomings in casemix(More)
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