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Activation of stress response genes can impart cellular tolerance to environmental stress. Iodoacetamide (IDAM) is an alkylating toxicant that up-regulates expression of hsp70 (Liu, H., Lightfoot, D.(More)
Cysteine conjugate beta-lyase has been purified from rat kidney cytosol. The enzyme is a 100,000-dalton dimer of two 55,000-dalton subunits and has an absorption maximum at 432 nm. The enzyme has(More)
Rat kidney glutamine transaminase K is a major rat kidney cysteine conjugate beta-lyase and is a key enzyme in the nephrotoxicity of some cysteine conjugates. However, it has not been demonstrated(More)
Decreased phosphorylation of focal adhesion kinase and paxillin is associated with loss of focal adhesions and stress fibers and precedes the onset of apoptosis (van de Water, B., Nagelkerke, J. F.,(More)