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Lawyers Crossing Lines: Nine Stories
“I Have to Be All Things to All People”: Jim Jones, Nurture Failure, and Apocalypticism
In 1978, Jim Jones and over 900 of his followers perished in what has been called “The Jonestown Massacre”. This study uses methods of psychobiography and objection relations theory to account forExpand
Steely Dan’s Donald Fagen: A Case of Mistaken Self-Identity, Corrected by Self-Reformulation
Throughout Donald Fagen’s life, he used the concept of bohemianism to position himself vis-a-vis his family, peers, and the mainstream culture as a whole. A psychobiographical examination of theExpand
Outline for a future psychiatry: the transcendent meaning model (TMM)
  • James L. Kelley
  • Medicine, Psychology
  • International review of psychiatry
  • 28 January 2020
Abstract The now-dominant medical model of psychiatry has recently been challenged by the post-psychiatry movement. However, the former discounts the agential or subjective aspect of the human being;Expand