James L. Ross

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JAK-STAT3 signaling, while regulating many aspects of cancer development and progression, promotes invasion and metastasis through activation of key metastasis promoting genes such as WASF3. STAT3 promotes WASF3 expression and JAK2 independently activates it, which is required for invasion. JAK-STAT3 signaling is dependent on WASF3 function, since its(More)
The in vitro synthesis of catecholamines and the secretion of vasopressin (AVP) and oxytocin (OT) was measured in localized regions of the hypothalamo-neurohypophyseal system in the spontaneously hypertensive rat (SHR). The posterior pituitary (PP), median eminence (ME) and supraoptic (SON) and paraventricular (PVN) nuclear regions were incubated in vitro(More)
Short-chain lipid conjugates can increase permeability of a small peptide across human epidermis; however, the emerging lipoaminoacid (LAA) conjugation technique is costly and can deliver mixed synthetic products of varied biological potential. LAA conjugation using a racemic mixture produces a mixture of D- and L-stereoisomers. Individual enantiomers can(More)
This paper examines one case of building a statewide academic computing network. The current structure of the academic and administrative computer system will be examined, followed by a discussion of factors in the growth of system use by essentially uninitiated computer users. Both the factors contributing to this growth process and those which tended to(More)
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