James L. Rosenberger

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We consider the problem of modeling point-level spatial count data with a large number of zeros. We develop a model that is compatible with scientific assumptions about the underlying data generating process. We utilize a two-stage spatial generalized linear mixed model framework for the counts, modeling incidence, resulting in 0-1 outcomes, and prevalence,(More)
BACKGROUND Nasal transmucosal midazolam is effective for premedication of pediatric patients; however, 61-74% of these patients cry at nasal drug administration. Sublingual benzodiazepines, including midazolam, are effective in adults. The current blinded randomized study compared acceptance of and behavioral responses to transmucosal midazolam administered(More)
Two experiments were conducted to evaluate the fate of sperm following uterine insemination. In Exp. I, five pairs of Holstein cows were inseminated with egg yolk-Tris extended semen (approximately 1.0 X 10(9) sperm; .5 ml) from five ejaculates from a single bull that had high levels (approximately 70%) of morphologically abnormal sperm. Cows were(More)
The objectives of this study were to determine directly if mounting activity in dairy cattle varied as a function of stage of the estrous cycle and to determine if mounting by cows could be stimulated when novel estrous cows were introduced. Detector cows were normally cycling. Estrous cows were ovariectomized and injected with estradiol cyprionate and(More)
Nasal administration of sufentanil or midazolam is effective for preinduction of pediatric patients, but there are no data on which to base a choice between them. This blinded randomized study compares behavioral and physiologic responses to sedation with one of these medications followed by inhalation or intravenous induction. Ninety-five patients aged(More)
Using radiography, inseminating syringe tip location and inseminate distribution in excised bovine reproductive tracts were described for 20 professional and 20 herdsman-inseminators using .5- and .25-ml French straws. Inseminations (20 by each participant) were performed in tracts placed on a device that stimulated the anatomical position of the(More)
The post-hatch ontogeny of hepatic GH binding and its relationship to GH plasma profile characteristics in male and female turkeys of slow- (RBC-2) and fast-growing (F; selected from RBC-2) genetic lines were determined. Specific binding of 125I-labelled recombinant chicken GH to crude hepatic membrane preparations (100,000 g pellet) was determined at 2, 4,(More)
The cardiopulmonary and anaesthetic responses of nine healthy volunteers, breathing concentrations of 1-4% halothane in oxygen, were studied. Supine fasting subjects breathing room air exhaled to residual volume and then inhaled a vital capacity breath of 1, 2, 3 or 4% halothane in oxygen. After a breath-hold of 30-90 s they exhaled and then breathed(More)