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Amazonian Dark Earths (ADE) are a unique type of soils developed through intense anthropogenic activities that transformed the original soils into Anthrosols throughout the Brazilian Amazon Basin. We conducted a comparative molecular-level investigation of soil organic C (SOC) speciation in ADE (ages between 600 and 8700 years B.P.) and adjacent soils using(More)
Effect of irrigation amounts applied with subsurface drip irrigation on corn evapotranspiration, yield, water use efficiency, and dry matter production in a semiarid climate" (2008). Publications from USDA-ARS / UNL Faculty. Paper 199. a g r i c u l t u r a l w a t e r m a n a g e m e n t x x x (2 0 0 8) x x x – x x x Corn Maize Deficit irrigation Water(More)
Competition for water is becoming more intense in many parts of the U.S., including west‐central Nebraska. It is believed that reduced tillage, with more crop residue on the soil surface, conserves water, but the magnitude of water conservation is not clear. A study was initiated on the effect of residue on soil water content and corn yield at North Platte,(More)
The specific gravity of fluorosilicone oil (trifluoropropylmethyl siloxane) is greater than that of water, and because of this it opens up new possibilities in vitreoretinal surgery: In cases of PVR detachment, retinal defects at the inferior margin or the posterior pole can be reliably tamponaded. If there is a peripheral retinal hole, the retina is(More)
Knowledge of the cumulated effect of long-continued nitrogen (N) inputs is important for both agronomic and environmental reasons. However, only little attention has been paid to estimate the crop response to mineral fertilizer N residues. Before interpreting estimates for the crop response to previous N input rates, the experimental design for testing(More)
The history of a family with aniridia (11 patients) is presented. Morphologically the following changes were found: Ptosis, microcornea, anterior embryotoxon, defects of the iris ranging from corectopia and coloboma to hypoplasia of the iris and clinical aniridia cataracts and hypoplasia of the fovea. Functionally there was reduced visual acuity (best(More)