James L. Olivier

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Transcobalamin (TC) is the plasma transporter that delivers vitamin B(12) to cells. We have already reported that HT-29 and Caco-2 cells secrete different TC variants. HT-29 secretes 2 TC isoproteins (codon 259-Pro/Arg [259-P/R]), exhibiting unequal concentrations (TC 259-P > TC 259-R), and Caco-2 cells only secrete the phenotype 259-R. We investigated the(More)
Secreted phospholipases A(2) is a family of small molecular weight and calcium-dependent enzymes of which the members list is presently growing. Among these enzymes, the synovial type IIA and the type V phospholipases A(2) are involved in inflammation. Although their actual mechanism is still a subject of debate, new therapeutic strategies can result from(More)
The activity of the [-831; +103] promoter of the human cyclooxygenase-2 gene in cultured rabbit chondrocytes is stimulated 2.9 +/- 0.3-fold by interleukin-1beta and this stimulation depends on [-132; -124] C/EBP binding-and [-223; -214] NF-kappaB binding-sites. The C/EBPbeta and C/EBPdelta factors bind to the [-132; -124] sequence. The [-61; -53] sequence(More)
The coding sequence of type II phospholipase A2 from human placenta was cloned in a bovine papilloma virus-derived eukaryotic expression vector under the control of the metallothionein promoter. Stably transfected C127 mouse fibroblast lines were obtained with this vector. These transfected cells overexpressed a functional 14 kDa phospholipase A2, which was(More)
We have previously shown that the promoter of the type IIa secreted phospholipase A2 gene contains a strong positive regulatory proximal element [-125 to -85] element B. Mutation of this element abolishes the activation of the phospholipase A2 promoter by C/EBPbeta in HepG2 cells. Liver nuclear proteins form three major and two minor complexes with this(More)
BACKGROUND A woman with a past history of allergy to artichoke presented with two episodes of immediate allergic reactions, one of which was a severe anaphylactic shock after eating two types of health foods containing inulin. RESULTS Dot blot assay techniques identified specific IgEs to artichoke, to yoghurt F, and to a heated BSA + inulin product. Dot(More)
Tracheal epithelial cells and skin fibroblasts from different cystic fibrosis (CF) patients bearing the deltaF508 mutation of cystic fibrosis transmembrane conductance regulator (CFTR) released more arachidonic acid in response to bradykinin than do other CF and normal cells. Immortalized tracheal epithelial cell lines were used as models to study the(More)
The catalytic activity of extracellular phospholipase A2 was studied in low polarity solvents where hydrolytic enzymes have been demonstrated to catalyze synthesis reactions. It was demonstrated that extracellular phospholipase A2 can catalyze the esterification of lysophosphatidylcholine with oleic acid. Up to 6.5% of lysophosphatidylcholine can be(More)
Secreted type IIA phospholipase A(2), which is involved in arachidonic acid release, is abundantly produced by chondrocytes and secreted in the synovial fluids of patients affected by rheumatoid arthritis. Transfection experiments showed that interleukin-1beta stimulates the phospholipase A(2) [-1614; +20] promoter activity by 6-7-fold and that the [-210;(More)