James L. O’Leary

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“The Pregnancy and Health Profile” (PHP) is a free prenatal genetic screening and clinical decision support (CDS) software tool for prenatal providers. PHP collects family health history (FHH) during intake and provides point-of-care risk assessment for providers and education for patients. This pilot study evaluated patient and provider responses to PHP(More)
Using PCR-denaturing gradient gel electrophoresis, we examined 49 fecal samples from healthy volunteers and 128 diarrhea specimens to assess the distribution of Epsilonproteobacteria that might be routinely overlooked. Our results suggest that certain taxa that are not routinely examined for could account for a proportion of diarrhea of previously unknown(More)
The Community Centered Family Health History project was initiated to create accessible family health history tools produced by and for the community. The project goal was to promote increased community engagement in health education by encouraging conversations among family members that would translate knowledge of family health history into healthy(More)
Homografts consisting of pieces of neocortex or dissociated cortical cells were transplanted from fetal rats into the cortex of newborn, microcephalic hosts. The cortex of the hosts lacked cells of the superficial layers, as a result of prenatal administration of a cytotoxic drug methylazoxymethanol. Grafts exhibited an internal organization with a tendency(More)
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