James L. Morrison

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Studies suggest that behavioral, genomic, and endocrine functions mediated by central corticotropin-releasing factor (CRF)-containing circuits may be differentially regulated. However, this hypothesis has never been tested directly by simultaneous assessment of distinct CRF-mediated responses within the same animal. The present study addressed this issue by(More)
Vijay Kumar, senior associate dean for undergraduate education at MIT and director of MIT's Office of Educational Innovation and Technology, gave the opening luncheon speech at the recent Campus Technology Conference in Boston. Afterwards, I interviewed Vijay in depth about one of the topics that he covered in his speech regarding distance learning and open(More)
Based on a survey of 1000 Hispanic and 1000 African-American business owners on the impacts e-commerce and e-cash are expected to have upon business practices, there were significant discrepancies between perceptions of these two groups regarding their ability to track and retain customers and to authenticate the source of e-cash payments. In addition,(More)
An evolving digital nervous system now connects an exponentially growing network of individual human beings. This infrastructure has enabled organizations to cultivate the renewable and self-generating economic resource of human capital. Organizations are beginning to see how technology can increase the intellectual assets of the knowledge workers using it.(More)
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