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This case is inspired by a complaint and response filed in the U.S. court system. One of the case's authors served as an expert witness in the case. Because the suit settled before going to trial, some of the details of the case are not part of the public record; therefore, the names of the companies involved have been changed and certain details disguised(More)
The NASA Langley Research Center has been conducting research for over 4 decades to develop technology for an airbreathing-propelled vehicle. Several other organizations within the United States have also been involved in this endeavor. Even though significant progress has been made over this period, a hypersonic airbreathing vehicle has not yet been(More)
Airbreathing launch vehicles continue to be a subject of great interest in the space access community. In particular, horizontal takeoff and horizontal landing vehicles are attractive with their airplane-like benefits and flexibility for future space launch requirements. The most promising of these concepts involve airframe integrated propulsion systems, in(More)
1.0 SDMARY AND INTRODUCTION Although great strides have been made in the area of computational fluid mechanics in the past 40 years, it is probably fair to say that the progress has principally been due to enormous strides in the capacities of machinery rather than in the science of numerical methods. Problems of stability, conservation, and the treatment(More)
SToMP (Software Teaching of Modular Physics) is a comprehensive software package designed for use in introductory level undergraduate physics. It provides the student with carefully written scripts augmented with activities, simulated experiments, references, glossary, historical material, and media clips which are displayed in an easy-to-use format(More)
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