James L. Barnhart

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The extent to which various concentrations of the paramagnetic metal ions [gadolinium (III), manganese (II), chromium (III), iron (III), nickel (II), copper (II), and cobalt (II)] affect proton magnetic relaxation times of distilled water, 4% human serum albumin (HSA), and dog plasma was studied in vitro. The pH of water and HSA varied from 4 to 8. Nuclear(More)
The stability, size, and ultrasonic properties of several ultrasonic microbubble contrast agents such as Albunex, SHU-454, 1% hydrogen peroxide, and sonicated solutions such as 70% and 50% dextrose, 70% sorbitol, 5% albumin, Renografin-76, and others were evaluated. Albunex was the only tested agent that was sufficiently stable over an extended period of(More)
Acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS) surveillance data for both the United States and San Francisco indicate that Kaposi's sarcoma is more common in homosexual and bisexual men with AIDS than in other adults with AIDS, and that the proportion of newly diagnosed AIDS cases presenting with Kaposi's sarcoma has been significantly declining over time. The(More)
Quantitating regional myocardial perfusion has been the much sought-after but still elusive goal of many intensive investigations over the years. Videodensitometry of the variation of myocardial echogenicity in two-dimensional (2-D) echocardiograms as a function of time in conjunction with the injection of a bolus of an ultrasound contrast agent has been(More)
The biliary clearances of [14C]erythritol (Cery) and [3H]mannitol (Cmann) were measured simultaneously in dogs during cholereses induced by sodium taurocholate and by secretin. Cery increased equally with the increase in bile flow induced by taurocholate, whereas mannitol entry into bile was partially restricted; deltaCery/deltabile flow averaged 0.96;(More)
OBJECTIVE--To characterise the natural history of sexually transmitted HIV-I infection in homosexual and bisexual men. DESIGN--Cohort study. SETTING--San Francisco municipal sexually transmitted disease clinic. PATIENTS--Cohort included 6705 homosexual and bisexual men originally recruited from 1978 to 1980 for studies of sexually transmitted hepatitis B.(More)
Diethyl maleate (DEM) induces a choleresis in the rat and dog that appears to be canalicular in origin (bile flow and erythritol clearance increase equally) and occurs in the absence of an increase in bile salt excretion. Increased bile flow is probably accounted for by the osmotic activity of DEM compounds excreted into bile. These compounds represent the(More)