James L. Anderson

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A lthough seafood is the most highly traded food internationally, it is an often overlooked component of global food security. It provides essential local food, livelihoods, and export earnings. Although global capture fi sheries production is unlikely to increase, aquaculture is growing considerably. Sustaining seafood’s contributions to food security(More)
The chlorine loss of electrolyzed oxidizing (EO) water was examined during storage under different light, agitation, and packaging conditions. The chlorine loss of pH-adjusted EO water was also examined. Under open conditions, the chlorine loss through evaporation followed first-order kinetics. The rate of chlorine loss was increased about 5-fold with(More)
Uncertainty still exists regarding the role(s) of natural organic matter in the reduction of chemicals in anoxic environments. This work studied the effect of Suwannee river humic acid (SRHA) on the reduction of nitrobenzenes in goethite suspensions by Fe(II) species. The pseudo-first-order rate constant for the reduction of p-cyanonitrobenzene (k(CNNB))(More)
The development of predictive models for the reductive transformation of nitroaromatics requires further clarification of the effect of environmentally relevant variables on reaction kinetics and the identification of readily available molecular descriptors for calculating reactivity. Toward these goals, studies were performed on the reduction of a series(More)
Pursuit of the triple bottom line of economic, community and ecological sustainability has increased the complexity of fishery management; fisheries assessments require new types of data and analysis to guide science-based policy in addition to traditional biological information and modeling. We introduce the Fishery Performance Indicators (FPIs), a broadly(More)
Distension of the iliopsoas bursa is usually seen in association with underlying hip joint disease. The computed tomography (CT) appearance is characteristic and allows a diagnosis to be readily made. Computed tomography will also facilitate needle placement for aspiration of bursa contents and the injection of water-soluble contrast media for CT(More)
An age-structured bioeconomic model was constructed to determine optimal patterns of exploitation for the U.S. Atlantic sea scallop fishery. Results indicated that economic rents are maximized by engaging in pulse fishing strategies, whereby fishing only occurs following a multi-year closure period. Closures allow biomass to accumulate undisturbed for(More)
The increasing demand for shark fins in Asia, and the publicity resulting from finning and discarding live sharks, has generated concern regarding the sustainability of the world’s shark populations. These concerns can be attributed to the shark’s life history, which is characterized by a pattern of slow growth, late maturity, few offspring, and long life,(More)
Although there has been a substantial effort toward understanding the reduction of nitroaromatics in Fe(II)-treated ferric oxide systems, little has been done to gain insight into the factors controlling the transformation of their reaction intermediates, nitrosobenzenes and N-hydroxylanilines, in such systems. Nitrosobenzenes, the first intermediates, were(More)
504 1 MAY 2015 • VOL 348 ISSUE 6234 sciencemag.org SCIENCE airspace, could protect daily animal movements such as for foraging. However, many air users cover large distances, taking them beyond their reserves ( 14). This complicates efforts to protect them and must be taken into account when designing reserves. Conservation measures must also consider the(More)