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At present, asthma represents a substantial burden on health care resources in all countries so far studied. The costs of asthma are largely due to uncontrolled disease, and are likely to rise as its prevalence and severity increase. Costs could be significantly reduced if disease control is improved. A large proportion of the total cost of illness is(More)
BACKGROUND The in-office application of computer-aided design/computer-aided manufacturing (CAD/CAM) has evolved continually across 25 years, and material enhancements made in conjunction with this evolution have improved the speed and precision with which dentists can place high-quality, esthetic restorations for almost every dental application. METHODS(More)
  • James Klim
  • 2006
There are numerous CAD/CAM technologies available today for the production of highly aesthetic restorations with strength and precision. Laboratory-based CAD/CAM systems typically require the patient to receive a provisional restoration and then return to the dental office for a second visit for placement of the definitive restoration upon receipt from the(More)
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