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Partitioning of synaptic neuropil into glomeruli is a common feature of primary olfactory centers in most animal species. The functional significance of glomeruli, however, is not yet well understood. The present study is part of our effort to test the hypothesis that each glomerulus is a functional unit dedicated to processing information about a(More)
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Smoothness-increasing accuracy-conserving (SIAC) filtering has demonstrated its effectiveness in raising the convergence rate of discontinuous Galerkin solutions from order k + 1 2 to order 2k + 1 for specific types of translation invariant meshes (Cockburn et al. improves the weak continuity in the discontinuous Galerkin method to k − 1 continuity.(More)
The discontinuous Galerkin (DG) method has very quickly found utility in such diverse applications as computational solid mechanics, fluid mechanics, acoustics, and electromag-netics. The DG methodology merely requires weak constraints on the fluxes between elements. This feature provides a flexibility which is difficult to match with conventional(More)
The basic unit of temporal organization in long-lived animals is the annual cycle, In birds this includes most prominently the periods of winter maintenance, reproduction, molt, and migration or dispersal. To attain maximal, or at least adequate, fitness, all of these essential processes must occur and be timed in individuals and populations so that(More)
We generalize EigenCFA, a linear formulation of 0-CFA, to features needed for real-world intermediate languages and apply our approach to an analysis of Scheme. EigenCFA lacks the full precision of 0-CFA and is restricted to programs in the subset of pure λ-calculus conforming to binary continuation-passing-style. This constraint is borne of the need to(More)
Many computational engineering problems ranging from finite element methods to image processing involve the batch processing on a large number of data items. While multielement processing has the potential to harness computational power of parallel systems, current techniques often concentrate on maximizing elemental performance. Frameworks that take this(More)
Sparse matrices are a core component in many numerical simulations, and their efficiency is essential to achieving high performance. Dynamic sparse-matrix allocation (insertion) can benefit a number of problems such as sparse-matrix factorization, sparse-matrix-matrix addition, static analysis (e.g., points-to analysis), computing transitive closure, and(More)