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BACKGROUND A clinical model is needed to compare inhaled corticosteroids (ICSs) with respect to efficacy. OBJECTIVE The purpose of this investigation was to compare the relative beneficial and systemic effects in a dose-response relationship for 2 ICSs. METHODS A 24-week, parallel, open-label, multicenter trial examined the benefit-risk ratio of 2 ICSs(More)
RATIONALE One-quarter to one-third of individuals with asthma smoke, which may affect response to therapy and contribute to poor asthma control. OBJECTIVES To determine if the response to an inhaled corticosteroid or a leukotriene receptor antagonist is attenuated in individuals with asthma who smoke. METHODS In a multicenter, placebo-controlled,(More)
Previous studies have shown that needle injections are very stressful for children. This study examined if a needleless injection system would be associated with lower anxiety levels in children by comparing children's responses to a traditional needle injection to their responses to the Biojector, a needleless system. Seventy-four sixth-grade students of(More)
OBJECTIVE To evaluate whether maternal obesity is associated with pulmonary and nonpulmonary pregnancy complications in asthmatic women. METHODS This is a secondary analysis of the prospective cohort Asthma During Pregnancy Study. Asthma patients were classified as having either mild or moderate to severe disease at the beginning of the study. Rates of(More)
Gonorrhoea is the most common venereal disease, with an attack rate conservatively estimated at about a million new cases per year in the United States (USPHS, 1965a). Aqueous procaine penicillin G, in a dose of 2-4 million units, is presently considered the drug of choice for the treatment of gonorrhoea in males (USPHS, 1965b). However, studies in vitro,(More)
Pluripotent stem (PS)-cell-derived cell types hold promise for treating degenerative diseases. However, PS cell differentiation is intrinsically heterogeneous; therefore, clinical translation requires the development of practical methods for isolating progenitors from unwanted and potentially teratogenic cells. Muscle-regenerating progenitors can be derived(More)
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