James Kenneth Blundell

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Neuroligins (NL) are postsynaptic cell adhesion molecules that are thought to specify synapse properties. Previous studies showed that mutant mice carrying an autism-associated point mutation in NL3 exhibit social interaction deficits, enhanced inhibitory synaptic function and increased staining of inhibitory synaptic puncta without changes in overall(More)
Recently, Branson and coworkers reported a strong association between binge-eating disorder (BED) and variants in the melanocortin-4 receptor gene (MC4R). In the current study, we compared the eating behavior of 43 obese probands with functionally relevant MC4R mutations and of 35 polymorphism carriers (V103I or I251L) with wild-type carriers. The module(More)
extant limpet. In addition, bivalves also acquired a novel structure , adducter muscle to close the separated shell plate. Because the two novel structures, the separated shell plate and the adduc-ter muscle appear early embryonic stage, their evolution should be understood as a modification of early development. To understand the evolution of bivalve(More)
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