James Keating

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The industry trend to shrink semiconductor device packages while increasing I/O count results in demands on the printed circuit boards to which these devices are assembled. An increase in wiring density is required at the board level, often equating to higher costs and/or layer counts. In many cases, designers are looking to multilayer flexible circuits as(More)
/n-situ capping, the placement of a subaqueous covering or cap of clean isolating material over an in-situ deposit of contaminated sediment, is a potentially economical and effective approach for remediation of contaminated sediment. A number of sites have been remediated by in-situ capping operations worldwide. EPA has developed detailed guidelines for(More)
Space limitations are forcing electronic packages to have increasingly higher densities. Packaging options such as MCM-L are gaining in popularity as lower costs are required for consumer products. With these increases in circuit density come the need for smaller feature sizes on the substrate. One solution to the circuit density requirement is to reduce(More)
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