James Kay Sutherland

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Within the limitations of the experiment, the following conclusions can be made from this investigation: 1. Under conditions of vertical loading, the rigid fixed partial denture design does not permit independent response by either abutment. The nonrigid fixed partial denture design allows the abutments some independence in response to vertical loading 2.(More)
This article describes a method for making changes in the alignment of superstructures for osseointegrated implants. After a cast is made from a transfer impression, the teeth and plastic are removed from the framework. The framework is sectioned into as many pieces as necessary to realign it on the analogs in the cast. The pieces are held in soldering(More)
This study determines the effects of access opening on all-ceramic (Dicor) crowns. Forty-two extracted permanent teeth were selected to represent the various types of human teeth. Crown preparations were completed, polysulfide impressions made, and stone dies poured. The dies were forwarded to a commercial dental laboratory for fabrication of the(More)
A previous study indicated a mean marginal discrepancy of 169 microns (SD = 23) for cemented CeraOne ceramic crowns. Since then, the components have been redesigned by the manufacturer. This study assessed the marginal discrepancy of the new components by use of a video camera and stereomicroscope connected to a computer. Fifteen samples each of (a) ceramic(More)
Die Struktur der Pilzstoffwechselprodukte Glaucon- und Glaucansäure (C18H20O7 bzw. C18H20O6) ausPenicill. purp. wird in der Hauptsache durch das Studium der Reduktionsprodukte ermittelt. Diese Verbindungen enthalten zwei fünfgliedrige Säureanhydrid-Gruppierungen, die mit einem eigenartigen doppelt ungesättigten neungliedrigen Ringsystem gekuppelt sind, das(More)
PURPOSE The purpose of this investigation was to determine the mean marginal discrepancy of all-ceramic crowns cemented on implant abutments. MATERIALS AND METHODS Five Brånemark CeraOne abutments were connected to implant fixtures embedded in acrylic resin blocks. The marginal discrepancy was measured using a video camera connected to a digitizing board(More)