James K. Young

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BACKGROUND Since the initial utilization of heart transplantation as therapy for end-stage pediatric heart disease, improvements have occurred in outcomes with heart transplantation and surgical therapies for congenital heart disease along with the application of medical therapies to pediatric heart failure that have improved outcomes in adults. These(More)
A new class of sterically hindered dendrimer-metalloporphyrins was synthesized for use as shape-selective oxidation catalysts. A series of oxidatively robust poly(phenylesters) dendrimers were prepared through a convergent synthesis. Monodendrons were appended to the meta-positions of the 5,10,15,20-tetrakis(3′,5′-hydroxyphenyl)porphinatomanganese(III)(More)
Infectious diseases remain a significant health concern around the world. Mathematical modeling of these diseases can help us understand their dynamics and develop more effective control strategies. In this work, we show the capabilities of interior-point methods and nonlinear programming (NLP) formulations to efficiently estimate parameters in multiple(More)
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