James K White

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This paper discusses the mechanisms involved in the compression of domestic waste, and how the resulting compression behaviour may be modelled. Reference is made to experimental data illustrating the effect of gas content and pore water pressure on bulk density and drainable porosity, and a theoretical model able to reproduce some but not all features of(More)
Questionnaire surveys in several countries have consistently detected an association between symptoms and residential mould growth. Confirmation by objective measures would strengthen the argument for causality. To address this issue, quantitative and qualitative fungal measures (airborne ergosterol and viable fungi in dust) were compared to respiratory(More)
This paper describes the concept of a generic spatially distributed numerical model that has been developed to contain and link sub-models of landfill processes in order to simulate solid waste degradation and gas generation in landfills. The model includes the simulation of the transport of leachate and gases, and the consolidation of the solid waste. The(More)
PURPOSE To develop EdgeSelect, a semi-automatic method for the segmentation of retinal layers in spectral domain optical coherence tomography images, and to compare the segmentation results with a manual method. METHODS SD-OCT (Heidelberg Spectralis) scans of 28 eyes (24 patients with diabetic macular edema and 4 normal subjects) were imported into a(More)
Currently, the amplification step of most forensic DNA profiling systems takes 3–4 h to complete. A decrease in the amplification time would allow for increased laboratory throughput, which may help reduce backlog when is due to limited cycling capacity. By using the SpeedSTAR™ HS Polymerase (Takara Bio, Otsu, Japan) in combination with the Veriti® (Applied(More)
PURPOSE To analyze brightness, contrast, and color balance of digital versus film retinal images in a multicenter clinical trial, to propose a model image from exemplars, and to optimize both image types for evaluation of age-related macular degeneration (AMD). METHODS The Age-Related Eye Disease Study 2 (AREDS2) is enrolling subjects from 90 clinics,(More)
OBJECTIVE To develop a parameter that can assess the relative rate of progression of geographic atrophy (GA) based on the hypothesis that noncircular configuration of the atrophic lesion may be a risk factor for enlargement. DESIGN Cohort study. PARTICIPANTS Digitized color photographs of 593 eyes with GA from the Age-Related Eye Disease Study (AREDS).(More)
This paper describes the concept and development of a generic spatially distributed numerical model that can contain and link sub-models of landfill processes in order to simulate solid waste degradation and gas generation in landfills. The model has been designed to simulate anaerobic degradation of solid waste saturated in leachate, and to reflect the(More)
The re-introduction of leachate back into the waste can play an important part in landfill management. It can encourage biodegradation by raising the water content and transporting bacteria, nutrients and waste products. It also enables leachate to be stored within the body of the landfill, for example to help minimise temporal variations in the load on a(More)
BACKGROUND This paper looks at attrition in relation to deprivation and type of therapy - CBT or person-centred counselling. METHOD Case notes of all those referred in a 4-month period (n = 497) were assessed for those who failed to opt-in; those who opted-in but failed to attend first appointment and those who attended first appointment but subsequently(More)