James K. Lee

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OBJECTIVES To determine if the sensitization of the trigeminal system changes after dural activation of the trigeminal nerve during different stages of the rat estrous cycle. BACKGROUND The specific mechanisms through which ovarian hormones trigger menstrual migraine are currently unknown. Past animal studies have suggested that the response properties of(More)
OBJECTIVE To determine the expression patterns of B ephrins and Ephs in the cochlea and identify functional consequences of disruption of ephrin B/Eph B interactions in both cultured spiral ganglion neurons and in the cochlea of live animals. STUDY DESIGN The expression patterns of various B ephrins and Ephs were determined in mice with Lac-Z mutation.(More)
Collision tectonics and the associated transformation of continental crust to high-pressure rocks (eclogites) are generally well-understood processes, but important contradictions remain between tectonothermal models and petrological-isotopic data obtained from such rocks. Here we use 40Ar-39Ar data coupled with a thermal model to constrain the(More)
OBJECTIVES/HYPOTHESIS Determine if the neuronal pathfinding cues resulting from Eph/ephrin interaction in the inner ear play a role in establishing the tonotopic innervation of the cochlea. STUDY DESIGN Protein expression of Ephs and ephrins was evaluated in the inner ear of mice and chicks. Subsequently, in vitro, in vivo, and functional(More)
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