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In modelling web handling system as controlled dynamic system the model of the web selected can effect system behavior. Webs are membranes capable of resisting tensile stresses but incapable of resisting compressive stresses due to buckling or `wrinkling'. This allows at least two unique web models tobe formed. The first model assumes that the web line(More)
Following U.S. trends, the number of practicing certified nurse-midwives in Kansas is growing. Since collaboration with physicians is vital to the successful practice of nurse-midwifery, Kansas obstetrician-gynecologists and family practice physicians were surveyed regarding certified nurse-midwifery. Seventy-two randomly-selected physicians received an(More)
OBJECTIVE To compare the healing and mechanical strength of a multiple split autologous tendon graft (MG) to a whole autologous tendon graft (WG) in the deep digital flexor tendon of ponies. STUDY DESIGN In vitro evaluation of two different tendon-grafting techniques. ANIMALS OR SAMPLE POPULATION Six ponies of mixed gender and age. METHODS Tenotomies(More)
Healing of transected superficial digital flexor tendons was evaluated mechanically and histologically in eight horses. Tendons sutured with polyglyconate had higher loads at failure than nonsutured tendons at weeks 5 and 9. The tendon stress at failure (force per unit area) was higher in the sutured tendons at week 5 but not at week 9, reflecting the(More)
Digital flexor tenorrhaphies were performed in 32 8-week-old chickens with polyglyconate, polybutester, or nylon. There was no difference in maximum loads to failure at weeks 4 or 8. Polyglyconate and polybutester tenorrhaphies were significantly stronger at week 8 than all tenorrhaphies at week 4. Nylon tenorrhaphies at week 8 were not significantly(More)
Size 3-0 polydioxanone was used as a single strand, single braid (3 strands), or double braid (6 strands) to create six suture material-pattern combinations for equine tenorrhaphy: single-strand locking loop, single-braid locking loop, double-braid locking loop, single-strand three-loop pulley, single-braid three-loop pulley, and double-braid three-loop(More)
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