James Jung-Hoon Lee

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BACKGROUND Gluteal tendinopathy is a prevalent condition that can be associated with significant pain and disability. To date, no studies have prospectively assessed the efficacy of intratendinous platelet-rich plasma (PRP) injections as a minimally invasive treatment for gluteus medius tendinopathy. PURPOSE To prospectively assess the efficacy of(More)
How to measure similarity or distance for multiple categorical data? It is an important step for Data Mining and Knowledge Management process to measure similarity or distance between objects appropriately. Measurements for continuous data have been well-defined and relatively easy to be calculated. However, the notion of similarity for categorical data is(More)
With advances in technology, mobile handheld devices-such as PDAs-have become very popular. In many real-life situations, users want to find structuring information using these mobile devices, which are convenient to use but have relatively limited resources. In this paper, we present a top-k structured mobile Web search engine. It uses a top-k adaptable(More)
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