James Jiunn-Yin Leu

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One of the most critical issues in wireless ad hoc networks is represented by the limited availability of energy within network nodes. Most of the researches focused on the problem of routing issues rather than energy efficiency or prolongation of network lifetime. In this paper, we proposed a multicast power greedy clustering algorithm (termed as MPGC)(More)
Hypoglycemia and exercise both induce the release of β-endorphin, which plays an important role in the modulation of the autonomic response during subsequent events. Because opioid receptor (OR) blockade during antecedent hypoglycemia has been shown to prevent hypoglycemia-associated autonomic failure, we hypothesized that OR blockade during exercise would(More)
C-means had been used for data clustering problems for recently years. However, if it uses the non-robust objective function of FCM (Fuzzy C-Means), we will get poor result if data corrupted because some noises. To improve these problems, this paper make effective objective functions of Fuzzy C-means which named MVDFCM (Mean Variable Distance Fuzzy(More)
In to function effectively leadership and various departments need to have a shared knowledge base in order to take organization preferred decisions. However internally gaps appear and as a consequence the organization's performance is impacted. In this study, we try to construct a knowledge gaps model by PZB theory. Then we adopted the simulated annealing(More)
Ad-hoc networks are self-organizing, multi-hop wireless networks. When performing a route discovery process, ad-hoc networks depend on the broadcasting capability. It's an important goal to broadcast with efficiency and reliability. Otherwise, the data broadcasting will cause the network flood (broadcast storm). However, a reliable broadcast algorithm,(More)
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