James Jeffery Reeves

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1. An investigation has been made into the 5-hydroxytryptamine (5-HT) receptor mediating relaxation of rat oesophagus in preparations precontracted with carbachol. 2. In tissues treated with pargyline (100 microM) and in the presence of corticosterone (30 microM) and cocaine (30 microM) the potency of 5-HT and 5-methoxytyramine (5-MeOT) was not changed but(More)
High affinity binding sites for the potent LHRH agonist [125I][D-Ser(TBU)6, des-Gly-NH2(10)]LHRH ethylamide are present in dissociated rat testicular interstitial cells, a preparation rich in Leydig cells. The iodinated LHRH agonist binds to a single class of high affinity sites at a KD value of 0.12 nM and the number of binding sites is approx. 2500 per(More)
BACKGROUND Intraoperative ultrasonography has proven to be a useful tool for tumor identification during robot-assisted laparoscopic partial nephrectomy (RALPN). However, its utility is limited in renal tumors that are completely endophytic and isoechoic in nature. We present a novel approach to intraoperative tumor identification using preoperative(More)
The objective of this experiment was to determine the relative importance of olfaction and visual observation of heifer mounting behavior to the detection of estrus by bulls. An observation pen was designed to allow the evaluation of the preference of five sexually experienced bulls under three sets of stimuli. The observation pen was 4 m x 17 m with a(More)
The objective of this experiment was to determine whether sexually experienced bulls would demonstrate a preference (using primarily olfaction) between a heifer in estrus and a heifer in diestrus (luteal phase) when physical contact was denied. In Exp. 1, a heifer in estrus and a heifer in diestrus (n = 18 pairs) were individually enclosed in opposite ends(More)
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