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Assessing green gentrification in historically disenfranchised neighborhoods: a longitudinal and spatial analysis of Barcelona
ABSTRACT To date, little is known about the extent to which the creation of municipal green spaces over an entire city addresses social or racial inequalities in the distribution of environmental
Are green cities healthy and equitable? Unpacking the relationship between health, green space and gentrification
The Green Gentrification and Health Equity model is proposed which provides a framework for understanding and testing whether gentrification associated with green space may modify the effect of exposure to green space on health.
Expanding the Boundaries of Justice in Urban Greening Scholarship: Toward an Emancipatory, Antisubordination, Intersectional, and Relational Approach
Supported by a large body of scholarship, it is increasingly orthodox practice for cities to deploy urban greening interventions to address diverse socioenvironmental challenges, from protecting
From landscapes of utopia to the margins of the green urban life
Today, municipal decision-makers, planners, and investors rely on valuation studies of ecosystem services, public health assessments, and real estate projections to promote a consensual view of urban
New scholarly pathways on green gentrification: What does the urban ‘green turn’ mean and where is it going?
Scholars in urban political ecology, urban geography, and planning have suggested that urban greening interventions can create elite enclaves of environmental privilege and green gentrification, and
Urban green boosterism and city affordability: For whom is the ‘branded’ green city?
The extent to which the degree of green branding – that is, urban green boosterism – predicts the variation in city affordability is examined, as well as what the results mean for the urban greening agenda in the context of an ongoing green growth imperative going forward.
Opinion: Why green “climate gentrification” threatens poor and vulnerable populations
Cities in the Global North are increasingly adopting green interventions meant to enhance their climate resilience capacity. Plans include Philadelphia, PA’s Growing Stronger, Boston, MA’s Resilient
Gentrification and health in two global cities: a call to identify impacts for socially-vulnerable residents
Qualitative data collected in Boston and Barcelona are used to comprehensively identify how the health and well-being of long-term residents may be affected by gentrification and to call for new multi-methods research.