James J Student

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Coeval silicate melt and aqueous synthetic fluid inclusions were INTRODUCTION formed at 800°C and 2000 bars in the quartz-saturated haploIn recent years the study of silicate melt inclusions has granite–H2O–NaCl–KCl system. The equilibrium assemblage congained considerable popularity as a method to charsisted of Ab19·2Or31·1Qtz49·1 melt, quartz, and an(More)
This article concerns application of cathodoluminescence (CL) spectroscopy to volcanic quartz and its utility in assessing variation in trace quantities of Ti within individual crystals. CL spectroscopy provides useful details of intragrain compositional variability and structure but generally limited quantitative information on element abundances.(More)
The main objective is to design DA based adaptive filter in order to decreasing the logic complexity. Throughput is increasedby using parallel Look Up Table (LUT) update and concurrent implementation of filtering and weight-update operations.DA uses bitserial operations andlook-up tables (LUTs) to implement high throughput filters. Two smart LUT updating(More)
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