James J. Sluss

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Free-space optical (FSO) links have the potential to provide high-bandwidth channels for data and communications applications. FSO can complement existing radio-frequency (RF) links by allowing the rapid transfer of high-volume data, such as images, that are ill suited to the lower bit rate RF links. A significant challenge for FSO links is the need for the(More)
Abstr act { This paper addr essestwo problems associated with the traditional appr oach to teaching a junior level course in signals and systems. First, students are exp ectedto develop facility with a variety of transforms and we have observed that this overwhelms many, reducing them to simply \memorizing equations." Second, the usual treatment of Dir(More)
This paper analytically investigates bit error rate (BER) performance of Free Space Optical (FSO) system. The FSO which is rapidly gaining popularity for its cost effectiveness and efficient means of transferring high data rates as well as optical fiber, whose data rate is limited by the atmospheric turbulence and scintillation conditions are studied.(More)
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