James J. Raftery

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Here, we report the experimental observation of a dynamical quantum phase transition in a strongly interacting open photonic system. The system studied, comprising a Jaynes-Cummings dimer realized on a superconducting circuit platform, exhibits a dissipation-driven localization transition. Signatures of the transition in the homodyne signal and photon(More)
Resolving quantum many-body problems represents one of the greatest challenges in physics and physical chemistry, due to the prohibitively large computational resources that would be required by using classical computers. A solution has been foreseen by directly simulating the time evolution through sequences of quantum gates applied to arrays of qubits,(More)
A circuit for microwave photons provides a useful test bed for nonequilibrium physics. Isolated systems that don't exchange energy with the " outside world " are the easiest to study and control. But most real systems are decidedly not in isolation, nor are they in equilibrium. These include turbulent waves, earthquakes, and the rapidly cooled metal alloys(More)
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