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—Optimization problems can generally be classified as continuous and discrete, based on the nature of the solution space. A recently developed chemical-reaction-inspired metaheuristic, called chemical reaction optimization (CRO), has been shown to perform well in many optimization problems in the discrete domain. This paper is dedicated to proposing a(More)
—Optimization techniques are frequently applied in science and engineering research and development. Evolutionary algorithms, as a kind of general-purpose metaheuristic, have been shown to be very effective in solving a wide range of optimization problems. A recently proposed chemical-reaction-inspired metaheuristic, Chemical Reaction Optimization (CRO),(More)
—Evolutionary algorithms (EAs) are very popular tools to design and evolve artificial neural networks (ANNs), especially to train them. These methods have advantages over the conventional backpropagation (BP) method because of their low computational requirement when searching in a large solution space. In this paper, we employ Chemical Reaction(More)
—The growing complexity of real-world problems has motivated computer scientists to search for efficient problem-solving methods. Metaheuristics based on evolutionary computation and swarm intelligence are outstanding examples of nature-inspired solution techniques. Inspired by the social spiders, we propose a novel Social Spider Algorithm (SSA) to solve(More)
—Air pollution monitoring is a very popular research topic and many monitoring systems have been developed. In this paper, we formulate the Bus Sensor Deployment Problem (BSDP) to select the bus routes on which sensors are deployed, and we use Chemical Reaction Optimization (CRO) to solve BSDP. CRO is a recently proposed metaheuristic designed to solve a(More)
—Chemical Reaction Optimization (CRO) is a powerful metaheuristic which mimics the interactions of molecules in chemical reactions to search for the global optimum. The perturbation function greatly influences the performance of CRO on solving different continuous problems. In this paper, we study four different probability distributions, namely, the(More)
—This paper presents an implementation of the Chemical Reaction Optimization (CRO) algorithm to solve the optimal power flow (OPF) problem in power systems with the objective of minimizing generation costs. Multiple constraints, such as the balance of the power, bus voltage magnitude limits, transmission line flow limits, transformer tap settings, etc., are(More)
—An electric vehicle (EV) may be used as energy storage which allows the bi-directional electricity flow between the vehicle's battery and the electric power grid. In order to flatten the load profile of the electricity system, EV scheduling has become a hot research topic in recent years. In this paper, we propose a new formulation of the joint scheduling(More)
—With the recent explosion in mobile data, the energy consumption and carbon footprint of the mobile communications industry is rapidly increasing. It is critical to develop more energy-efficient systems in order to reduce the potential harmful effects to the environment. One potential strategy is to switch off some of the under-utilized base stations(More)