James J Paparello

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BACKGROUND Hyponatremia is common in neurocritical care and is associated with poor outcome, but the optimal treatment is not known. We wished to test the hypothesis that for neurocritical care patients with severe hyponatremia (Na < 130 mmol/l) or hyponatremia (Na < 135 mmol/l) with depressed Glasgow Coma Scale (GCS) that conivaptan use would lead to(More)
The performance of distortion product otoacoustic emissions (DPOEs) as a frequency-specific test of sensorineural hearing loss was evaluated in 142 ears of human adults with normal middle-ear function. The DPOE was measured with the stimulus levels of the two tones equal to 65 dB SPL (re 20 mu Pa) and the ratio between the two frequencies 1.2. In the DPOE(More)
BACKGROUND Simulation-based-mastery-learning (SBML) is an effective method to train nephrology fellows to competently insert temporary, non-tunneled hemodialysis catheters (NTHCs). Previous studies of SBML for NTHC-insertion have been conducted at a local level. OBJECTIVES Determine if SBML for NTHC-insertion can be effective when provided at a national(More)
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