James J. Odell

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Some imaging tasks and modalities (e.g., interferomet-ric SAR) require managing a dynamic spatio-temporal configuration of sensors (whether electro-optic or RF) over a wide area. One promising approach is to mount each sensor on a separate unpiloted vehicle, and endow the population of such vehicles with the ability to configure themselves and coordinate(More)
Object-oriented analysis should not model reality—rather it should model the way reality is understood by people. The understanding and knowledge of people is the essential component in developing systems. Therefore, OO analysis should not be based on any implementation technology—including OO software implementation. As Brad Cox [Cox, 1990] so eloquently(More)
pages. Here is a complete guide to understanding and applying UML (Unified Modeling Language), the de facto industry standard modeling/programming language, used by hundreds of. This guide covers the underlying philosophy of object orientation and demonstrates its practical usage, exploring both the analysis and the design phases of applying object.Oriented(More)
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