James J. Mulcahy

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The mechanical activity of the anal sphincter can be translated into electrical activity and recorded on graph paper or an oscilloscope. The activity of the anal sphincter may be extrapolated to activity of the external urethral sphincter because both are striated muscles innervated by the pudendal nerve that arises from S-2, S-3, and S-4. Stimulation of(More)
Twelve patients with the clinical findings of spinal dysraphism form the basis for this report. In eight patients, physical findings, plain x-rays, and unenhanced spinal computed tomography allowed for precise diagnosis and subsequent therapy, without contrast myelography. All patients in the study had intravenous pyelography, and this revealed evidence of(More)
Virtual machines are allocated on demand in virtualized cloud platforms to provide flexible and reliable services. The major difficulty lies in satisfying the conflicting objectives of reducing response time while lowering resource costs. In this paper, a mathematical multi-tier framework for virtual machine allocation is proposed, which can be used to(More)
— Mobile devices and cloud computing platforms have become increasing popular in recent years, as more ways in which to adopt these technologies to existing business and research models have been envisioned and implemented. What started as simply providing bandwidth and technology to mobile users in order to browse the internet from handheld devices now(More)
Project management and process improvement are a critical part of software development in an organization, especially for large scale and long-lived software. Metrics can be used as one of the means to evaluate this process. However, traditional methods of measuring effort, for example, focusing on editing time and lines of code produced, do not reflect the(More)
Modern software systems have grown in complexity and expense, even while the cost for supporting hardware has decreased over time. Humans have a lot to do with why software is expensive, and they contribute to its cost in at least three significant areas: the maintenance and evolution of existing software, the run-time monitoring and configuration of(More)
Often Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) is implemented after an organization has an already established legacy set of applications and data formats. SOA is a powerful approach in that it can encapsulate and streamline data into a format that can be understood by an entire organization. From the executive department to the field office, data can be(More)
Ten patients with neurogenic detrusor hyperreflexia were treated by percutaneous radiofrequency sacral rhizotomy. All had low-threshold involuntary micturition. The bladder capacity of seven patients was increased to over 290 cc during a follow-up interval of 3 to 18 months. This convenient percutaneous procedure is particularly suited for controlling(More)
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