James J. Moloney

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Soft-tissue sarcomas of the genitourinary tract account for only 1-2% of urological malignancies and 2.1% of soft-tissue sarcomas in general. A 69-year-old male complained of a 4 month history of a painless right groin swelling during routine urological review for prostate cancer follow-up. Clinical examination revealed a non-tender, firm right(More)
Spatial data characteristics have the potential to influence various aspects of prioritising biodiversity areas for systematic conservation planning. There has been some exploration of the combined effects of size of planning units and level of classification of physical environments on the pattern and extent of priority areas. However, these data(More)
Understanding movement patterns and home range of species is paramount in ecology; it is particularly important for threatened taxa as it can provide valuable information for conservation management. To address this knowledge gap for a range-restricted endangered bird, we estimated home range size, daily movement patterns and habitat use of a granivorous(More)
The movement and habitat use patterns of medium-bodied nearshore sharks are poorly understood. However, these species face some of the highest levels of exposure to anthropogenic development. The habitat and space use strategies species exhibit affect their role within communities and how they respond to environmental change. The present study used passive(More)
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