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A sedentary lifestyle is a contributing factor to chronic diseases, and it is often correlated with obesity. To promote an increase in physical activity, we created a social computer game, Fish'n'Steps, which links a player's daily foot step count to the growth and activity of an animated virtual character, a fish in a fish tank. As further encouragement,(More)
This study investigated cues that permit prediction of turns during passive movement through a virtual environment. Effects on simulator sickness (SS), presence and enjoyment were examined. Subjects were exposed to complex visual motion through a cartoon-like simulated environment in a driving simulator. Forward velocity remained constant and the motion(More)
A TPV GaSb cell was tested as part of an effort to establish a standard method of characterizing such cells. Cell current/voltage (IV) curves were measured at different cell temperatures using black body radiation at various emission temperatures and intensities. The results of the effects on performance are briefly analyzed and include temperature(More)
BACKGROUND Previous animal studies by us and others have indicated that catheter-administered plasmin or its des-kringle derivatives may be more appropriate alternatives to plasminogen activators for treating thrombolytic diseases, since it has a very short serum half-life and therefore does not result in hemorrhaging. We have previously produced(More)
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AbstracL The present Jet Pmpukion Laboratory (JPL) characterimtion test method for a single thermophotovoltaic ('WV) cell is to illuminate the cell with black body emission. However, this method is inadequate for the performance testing of a string or an army of cells. This is simply beeause the black body aperture is too small to supply sullkient(More)
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