James J. Kennedy

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" 'Everything is' is one extreme. 'Nothing is' is the other. Between these two I teach the truth of interdependent origination."-The Buddha Young natural resources or environmental managers are usually attracted to their professions to be outdoors, away from the maddening crowd and its socio political problems, working with physical and biological resources(More)
The propagation of the World Wide Web into everyday use, coupled with Java technologies, provide a foundation upon which a distributed computing environment can easily be constructed. The WebCom system presented in this paper represents an attempt at implementing one such environment. The system operates by distributing 'instructions' to client machines for(More)
Functional enhancements to the WebCom metacomputer are described which give rise to dynamic reconfigurability and extendability of the computer platform. Component modules and interactions are described, with particular attention to the communications module that enables dynamic reconfigurability. The machines of the metacom-puter can be configured to act(More)
Current Grid enabling technologies consist of stand-alone architectures. A typical architecture provides middleware access to various services at different hierarchical levels. Services exposed at these levels may be leveraged by the application programmer. However, the level at which the service appears in the hierarchy determines both its richness and the(More)