James J. Jiang

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Although electronic commerce experts often cite privacy concerns as barriers to consumer electronic commerce, there is a lack of understanding about how these privacy concerns impact consumers' willingness to conduct transactions online. Therefore, the goal of this study is to extend previous models of e-commerce adoption by specifically assessing the(More)
Asal usul SERVQUAL Instrumen ini awalnya dibangun oleh para peneliti di bidang pemasaran untuk mengukur kualitas pelayanan secara umum, karena pada saat itu kualitas pelayanan menjadi salah satu fokus ayng sering dibahas dalam pemasaran. Instrumen ini diperkenalkan oleh Zeithaml, Parasuraman & Berry dalam buku mereka yang berjudul Delivering Quality(More)
Understanding the factors that contribute to the success of systems implementation efforts is a central concern in the ®eld of information systems (IS). One key factor to which many implementation problems have been attributed is user resistance to change. Different types of systems tend to be associated with different organizational functions and classes(More)
Information system software development projects suffer from a high failure rate. One of many obstacles faced by project managers is non-supportive users, those not actively sharing in development responsibilities. The coordination activity of early partnering has been proposed in the literature to promote collaboration and enhance user support. The extent(More)
BACKGROUND Postlicensure data has identified a causal link between rotavirus vaccines and intussusception in some settings. As rotavirus vaccines are introduced globally, monitoring intussusception will be crucial for ensuring safety of the vaccine programs. METHODS To obtain updated information on background rates and clinical management of(More)
Software projects have a high rate of failure. Organizations have tried to reduce the rate through methodological approaches but with little perceived success. A model of software development maturity (the capability maturity model (CMM)) describes managerial processes that can be used to attack software development difficulties from the managerial control(More)
Critical to enterprise resource planning (ERP) implementation is the fit between the system and the processes in an organization. Knowledge about the ERP system must flow from those implementing the system and those responsible once in production. Effective knowledge transfer is assisted by the absorptive capacity of the learner and the competence of the(More)