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Although electronic commerce experts often cite privacy concerns as barriers to consumer electronic commerce, there is a lack of understanding about how these privacy concerns impact consumers' willingness to conduct transactions online. Therefore, the goal of this study is to extend previous models of e-commerce adoption by specifically assessing the(More)
Understanding the factors that contribute to the success of systems implementation efforts is a central concern in the ®eld of information systems (IS). One key factor to which many implementation problems have been attributed is user resistance to change. Different types of systems tend to be associated with different organizational functions and classes(More)
We believe IS researchers can and should do a better of job of improving (assuring) the validity of their findings by minimizing nonresponse error. To demonstrate that there is, in fact, a problem, we first present the response rates reported in six well-regarded IS journals and summarize how nonresponse error was estimated and handled in published IS(More)