James J. Harvey

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Using phylogenetic and haplotype network analyses of 2036 bp of mitochondrial DNA, we compare samples of the two hinged terrapin species Pelusios castanoides and P. subniger from continental Africa, Madagascar and the Seychelles to infer their biogeography. Owing to the long independent history of Madagascar and the Seychelles, the populations from those(More)
Recreational diving on coral reefs is an activity that has experienced rapidly growing levels of popularity and participation. Despite providing economic activity for many developing coastal communities, the potential role of dive impacts in contributing to coral reef damage is a concern at heavily dived locations. Management measures to address this issue(More)
This report details the outcome of the 1st Skin Microbiota Workshop, Boulder, CO, held on October 15th-16th 2012. The workshop was arranged to bring Department of Defense personnel together with experts in microbial ecology, human skin physiology and anatomy, and computational techniques for interrogating the microbiome to define research frontiers at the(More)
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