James J. Deng

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Luteinizing hormone (LH) mediates many important processes in ovarian follicles, including cumulus cell expansion, changes in gap junction expression and activity, sterol and steroid production, and the release of paracrine signaling molecules. All of these functions work together to trigger oocyte maturation (meiotic progression) and subsequent ovulation.(More)
Preface This is the 23rd edition of the Haskell Communities and Activities Report. As usual, fresh entries are formatted using a blue background, while updated entries have a header with a blue background. Entries for which I received a liveness ping, but which have seen no essential update for a while, have been replaced with online pointers to previous(More)
We present several interrelated technical and empirical contributions to the problem of emotion-based music recommendation and show how they can be applied in a possible usage scenario. The contributions are (1) a new three-dimensional resonance-arousal-valence model for the representation of emotion expressed in music, together with methods for(More)
The fire-retardant performance of wood particleboards treated with three percentages (8, 12, and 16%) of boric acid was determined. Particles were treated during wood particles blending with adhesive. Fire-retardant properties were measured according to ASTM D3806 Standard Test Method of Small-Scale Evaluation of Fire-Retardant Paints, (2-Foot Tunnel(More)
In this study, lightweight sandwich panels with different Kraft paper honeycomb core structures and wood composite skins were constructed. The influence of structural parameters, including core shape, cell size, core density, core and web thickness, and material properties of the core and skin layers on the mechanical behavior of these lightweight sandwich(More)
This study investigated the potential of secondary sludge (SS) as urea–formaldehyde (UF) co-adhesive for particleboard manufacturing. Three proportions of SS from three conventional pulping processes were added in the formulation of particleboard manufacturing. A 33 factorial design was used. All panels were tested for thickness swell (TS), linear expansion(More)
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