James J. Cordeiro

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I am deeply grateful to two anonymous SMJ reviewers and Associate Editor, Ed Zajac, for their insightful comments and suggestions which significantly improved this manuscript. In addition, I would like to thank James Cordeiro, Deepak Datta, Yong Min Kim, Julia Liebeskind, Abdul Rasheed, and Gretchen Spreitzer for their helpful comments on earlier drafts of(More)
We hypothesize a model where domestic and international institutional pressures lead to the successful implementation of ISO 9000 and can in turn lead to the successful implementation of environmental management systems such as ISO 14001 environmental certification systems or total quality environmental management (TQEM) systems. Using appropriate tests for(More)
La prise en compte des enjeux environnementaux est bien plus qu’une mode passagère et la R&D en énergies renouvelable joue un rôle prépondérant dans la mise en place de systèmes de gestion environnementale . Cet article tente d’y voir plus clair sur l’éventail des expertises disponibles, les nuances des réseaux qui se mettent en place et de s’inspirer des(More)
Drawing on transaction cost economics (TCE) theory and the resource-based view (RBV) of the firm, we develop an integrative model of the determinants of supplier environmental collaboration with influential buyers. We hypothesize that suppliers with higher levels of (a) coordination with, (b) control over focal buyers and (c) higher levels of asset(More)
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