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This paper presents an FPGA-based system for detecting people from video. The system is designed to use JPEG-compressed frames from a network camera. Unlike previous approaches that use techniques such as background subtraction and motion detection, we use a machine-learning-based approach to train an accurate detector. We address the hardware design(More)
Object detection with a learned classifier has been applied successfully to difficult tasks such as detecting faces and pedestrians. Systems using this approach usually learn the classifier offline with manually labeled training data. We present a framework that learns the classifier online with automatically labeled data for the specific case of detecting(More)
Eye movements can be used to infer the allocation of covert attention. In this article, we propose to model the allocation of attention in a task-dependent manner based on different eye movement conditions, specifically fixation and pursuit. We show that the image complexity at eye fixation points during fixation, and the pursuit direction during pursuit(More)
This paper presents the groundwork for a distributed network of collaborating, intelligent surveillance cameras, implemented with low-cost embedded microprocessor camera modules. Each camera trains a person detection classifier using the Winnow algorithm for unsupervised, online learning. Training examples are automatically extracted and labelled, and the(More)