James J. Cappel

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As Table 1 shows, there is much more to competitive intelligence than just market research. The word assessment suggests an ongoing process using a variety of information streams and data gathering techniques including psychological profiling and new technology evaluation. This process helps decision makers better understand the development of their(More)
As information technology evolves, it continues to raise new ethical challenges. In recognition of this, the business and academic communities have focused increased attention on ethics. Professional codes of ethics have been enacted by the ACM, AITP, and other computing organizations to provide guidance to information systems (IS) professionals in(More)
professional expertise includes the management of information assets, information systems development and maintenance, change management and technology transfer, project management, and information systems assessment and benchmarking. He has published dozens of journal articles and his work has appeared in the Abstract Many organizations have made(More)
As the end of 1990s draws ever closer, organizations are " making the dash to the year 2000 finish line. " Unfortunately, this is no small task. Moreover, the year 2000 concerns of many organizations will not end on January 1, 2000. Systems failures will inevitably occur, and experts predict that the year 2000 (Y2K) problem will lead to numerous lawsuits(More)
A new initiative of SAP AG is to provide SAP R/3 certification to college students prior to graduation. This article describes the initial implementation of a SAP R/3 Process Integration Certification Academy at a large, public university, and it reports the evaluation results of this effort. A survey conducted of the Academy's participants revealed a(More)
It is an interesting irony that in a field fraught with details, attention to detail (ATD) gets little recognition in information systems literature and job ads. This paper examines how ATD is integral to success in the IT field. This study also considers how attention to detail has been addressed in other business-related disciplines to draw parallels to(More)
Web usability advocates stress the importance of simplicity, consistency, and following web design conventions. Without this, users may get lost, feel confused or frustrated, or may abandon a site. Web usability authorities have made anecdotal remarks about the failure of sites to follow web conventions, but there have been few research attempts to address(More)