James J. Burns

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PURPOSE To examine the initial psychometric properties for the PARS, a brief interview used to screen for 16 items of adolescent risk and protective factors. METHODS Participants included 193 adolescents, attending public middle and high schools or a university-based Adolescent Clinic. Participants completed a PARS interview, as well as a battery of(More)
BACKGROUND Thyroid cancer is a common cancer in adolescents and young adults ranking 4th in frequency. Thyroid cancer has captured the interest of epidemiologists because of its strong association to environmental factors. The goal of this study is to identify thyroid cancer clusters in Florida for the period 2000-2008. This will guide further discovery of(More)
  • Andy Borum, James Burns, Peter Wentzel, Aleks Andreyev, Advisor-Dr, Shane Ross
  • 2012
A new method of capturing an asteroid in an orbit around the Earth is proposed, inspired by the theory that the irregular satellites of Jupiter and Neptune may have at one time been members of a binary asteroid. After a close approach with the planet, the binary asteroid was disrupted, and one member was captured into a permanent orbit. A parametric study(More)
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